Wentzville revokes contractor’s business license

The mayor of Wentzville said the next step would be criminal action against the company.

Wentzville, Missouri — The city is taking action after 5 On Your Side reported that a contractor in Wentzville was accused of taking hundreds of thousands of dollars from residents.

In a unanimous vote, Alderman’s Wentzville Council and Mayor immediately revoked the Tri-County Fence and Deck’s business license.

Wentzville Mayor Nick Guccione said they revoked Tri-County Fence and Deck’s business license because they had evidence they violated several city ordinances and regulations.

“They asked for these deposits, then they didn’t come back, they didn’t answer the phone, and once they had enough money, they closed. I don’t know what happened,” Guccione said.

The mayor said he was frustrated that the company took advantage of hardworking residents.

“It’s heartbreaking to see people lose this type of money in a tough economic environment,” he said. “It’s a big loss, you know, $30,000, $10,000, it’s not change.”

Will Boughton said he was a victim now losing thousands of dollars for a job that was never done.

“From what I understand, there are 25 to 50 family victims who lost more than $200,000, most of which fall within the scope of felonies,” Boughton said.

The mayor said this was just the beginning.

“Our police department, as well as other municipalities, are working with the attorney general’s office. My understanding is that charges of fraud and deceit will be filed soon,” Guccione said.

He said he would also meet with the mayor of St. Petersburg. Charles County tried to prevent the company from doing business anywhere else, even under a different name.

But Boughton said that may have already happened.

“The son is a sales rep who started another business, so he’s coming to your door again to sell, steal from the residents of Wentzville that opened under G&E Industries LLC and G&E Fences and Outdoor Solutions,” Boughton said .

The mayor said he wants anyone who does such work to be very careful. Before doing business with someone, check with the Better Business Bureau, the city, or even the attorney general’s office.


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