Rocket launch made almost entirely of 3D parts aborted at last minute | US News

The launch of the rocket, made mostly of 3D printed parts, had to be aborted at the last minute due to temperature issues.

California-based Relativity Space is attempting to launch a 33-meter-long rocket called Terran from a former missile site in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

About 85 percent of Terran is made from 3D parts printed at the company’s Long Beach, California, factory — including its engines.

Relativity Space hopes to further increase this percentage in future releases.

During the Terran launch attempt, the onboard flight computer stopped counting down with just over a minute left due to temperature issues in the rocket’s upper stage.

Mission Control decided to fix the issue and try again before the launch window closed, but ultimately had to postpone it.

It’s unclear when the company will try again.

If Terran does take off, it will carry only one memento: the first metal 3D print from the company’s printer.

According to Relativity Space, Terran is the largest 3D printed object ever attempted to launch.

SpaceX’s Falcon rocket has been flying with 3D printed parts for years, but at a lower rate than Relativity Space.

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