It’s not all business in Atlanta: A local’s guide to the city’s hotspots

When I first moved to Atlanta, in 1995, one of my big night ideas was to have dinner at the Cheesecake Factory in Buckhead. Granted, I’m a college student with limited experience in food, but the restaurant scene in Georgia’s capital barely gets a heart pumping.Much of Atlanta is a hard-hitting town headquartered in a corporate powerhouse like this Coca Cola, Home Depot and Delta; media giant CNN and the burgeoning music industry.tourists who come to travel Martin Luther KingJr. haunts the place with few other reasons to stay.

The following year, the city was rejuvenated after the 1996 Olympics sprinted into town, and it has been growing rapidly as tech companies and the film industry entered. Today’s visitors are faced with a plethora of tantalizing options, all scattered across Atlanta’s daunting sprawl.

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