Green Hills and Thunder Railroad: Disneyland in Orange County

Have you heard of Qingshan Thunder Railway? Talk about a place you want to know…Castle Peak Thunder Railway A very detailed miniature display of Disneyland theme parks. It was imagined and built in the backyard of the Sheegog family in Anaheim Hills, California.

We had the pleasure of visiting the Castle Peak and Thunder Railway a few times and it was so much fun! It makes a great family activity for all ages. Adults and kids will love seeing all the details in this beautiful backyard display.

What to Expect from the Castle Peak and Thunder Railroad Backyard Display

When you arrive, you will enter through the residence’s side door. The walkway begins with “It’s a Small World” miniature plants and water features. Along the sidewalk, you’ll see a train track running a miniature train, and miniature models of Sky Buckets from Disneyland. Look closely and you’ll see a lot of your favorite characters, even 101 Damations!

If you enter the backyard, a Sheegog family member will check on you and your party. If you register for tickets, your name will be on their list. They’ll give you some background history and even an event plan with a scavenger hunt. There are many hidden surprises around the hotel, even a “hidden Mickey”.

Once you’ve checked in, you’re free to visit the amazing Backyard Disney exhibit.

Since the Green Hills and Thunder Railroad displays are located in the home’s backyard, you’ll be walking on grass and brick. The ground includes uneven steps and paths. The wheelchair may not be usable unless someone can help them walk a few steps. Still, you can sit back and enjoy the beautiful display of the first platform.

Here are some photos from the outing…

If you look around the display, you’ll find a realistic replica of the Disneyland grounds, as well as many characters from your favorite movies.

How did the Qingshan and Thunder Railway originate?

The Castle Peak Thunder Railway (AKA CPTRR) is a backyard garden railway designed and built by architect David Seager. Railroads have been a hobby for the past 25 years, and now, with the encouragement of tourists, they can be accessed online.

Where is Qingshan Thunder Railway located?

The Green Mountain Thunder Railroad is located in Anaheim Hills, in David David Sheger’s backyard.

How much does the visit cost?

free! At this time, David and his family allow visitors to visit for free during the open house. However, you do need to register for tickets. This is for crowd management only.

How to visit Qingshan Thunder Railway?

Luckily for us, David and his family allow visitors to see his beautiful display in the open house several times a year. If you register on the CPTRR website, you will receive an email notifying you when tickets are available and a list of opening dates. Click here to register!

In the end, David and his family are the kindest people to let the public into their home. They even sometimes offer refreshments with popcorn and water or lemonade. Please show your utmost respect in their home and enjoy but not touch all their beautiful displays.

The Green Mountain Thunder Railroad is one of Orange County’s hidden gems that you will always remember. And hopefully it will be loved by future generations.

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