Bruce Willis sings and blows out candles as he celebrates 68th birthday after dementia diagnosis | The Art News

Bruce Willis celebrated his 68th birthday with song and cake surrounded by his family after his diagnosis of frontotemporal dementia (FTD) was announced earlier this year.

A video shared by his ex-wife Demi Moore shows the Hollywood star singing Happy Birthday, surrounded by daughter Moore and wife Emma Hemming, before blowing out two candles on an apple pie.

Relatives of the Hollywood star said in March 2022 that he would “leave” his successful career. diagnosed with aphasiaa disease that affects his cognitive abilities.

Moore, 60, wrote alongside the Instagram post: “Happy birthday BW! So glad we were able to celebrate you today. Love you and our family.

“Thank you all for the love and warm wishes – we all feel it.”

Haiming, 44, also shared an emotional post on Instagram describing what she said was the “sadness” and “sadness” she experienced as a carer for someone with dementia, adding: “Today in I really felt it on his birthday.”

At the end of the clip, she burst into tears and thanked her fans for their support, saying: “I did it for myself and I did it for you too, because I know how much you love my husband.”

For forty years, Willis starred in more than 100 films and appeared in blockbusters including Pulp Fiction, 12 Monkeys and The Sixth Sense, won him fans all over the world.

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Hemming also shared a collection of videos and photos of Willis spending time with his family and playing with his children.

She captioned the post: “He is pure love. He is so loved. I will always love him. Happy birthday my sweetheart.

“My birthday wish to Bruce is that you continue to keep him in his prayers and at his highest vibration as his sensitive Pisces soul feels it.

“And thank you so much for your love and concern for him.”

Willis has five daughters, three older – Rumer, Scott and Tallulah – whom he married Moore in 1987, and his younger daughters Mabel and Evelyn with Heming , they married in 2009.

Willis and Moore separated in 2000 but remain on good terms.

Rumer marked her dad’s birthday by posting the same video, everyone singing happy birthday and writing, “Happy birthday Dadio I love you to the moon. You’re so cool.”

Scout captioned the video in her post: “Very happy today though!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all celebrating BW!!!!”

Sharing a selection of photos of her dad over the years on her Instagram, Tallulah wrote, “Happy birthday to my numero uno Bruno!!

“Feeling full of all the good energy and love going in the direction of Willis! I love him and he loves me – what a joy!”

According to the Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration (AFTD), FTD is a degenerative brain disorder characterized by degeneration of the frontal and/or temporal lobes.

The symptoms they listed included atypical personality changes, apathy, and unexplained difficulty making decisions, speaking or language comprehension, as the most common symptoms.

There is currently no cure for FTD.

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