2005 Angels Yankees ALDS Recap

The Angels emerged from this back-and-forth series as each team stole a game on the road before Anaheim ended the game at Angel Stadium in Game 5. All five of the Angels’ games came with starter Mike Musina in the first three innings against the Yankees.

Anaheim’s Benji Molina and New York’s Jason Jamby each had eight hits in the series. Molina hit three homers and five runs, while Derek Jeter hit two homers and five runs. Garrett Anderson started seven games for the Angels in the series.

Kelvim Escobar played four times in the Anaheim bullpen, with one run and two hits in seven innings and a Game 2 win.

The road to ALDS: Anaheim (95-67) wins the AL West with seven wins; New York (95-67) ends the regular season tied with Boston for first in the AL East and wins the division as it wins the regular season Head-to-head in the series

manager: Mike Scioscia, ANA; Joe Torre, NY

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