2 suspects arrested in Anaheim Hills mass robbery

ANAHEIM HILLS, Calif. — Anaheim police arrested a man and a woman on Sept. 9. Twenty-four allegedly took a shopping cart full of merchandise from a Biglots store in Anaheim Hills and flashed pistols at an employee.

The robbery occurred around 10 a.m. Saturday at 6336 E. Santa Ana Canyon Road, Sgt. Shane Carringer of the Anaheim Police Department told the city news service.

The two suspects, both 18, walked past the checkout with a cart full of merchandise without attempting to pay, Callinger said.

“When the employee confronted them, the male suspect flashed a pistol from his waist,” he said. “The employee backed away and called police.”

A police officer located the suspects minutes later at a church across the street from the store, but when officers tried to approach them, they fled, leaving their stolen property behind, Callinger said.

Officers established a border and used a K9 team to search for suspects, he said.

“They were found hiding under a dumpster in the back of a nearby restaurant,” Callinger said. “They were detained without the use of any force. An imitation firearm was found among the stolen merchandise.”

City News Service


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